You're in the right place if you enjoy turning your head to watch a woman's rear. I ask you to dedicate your time to appreciate the natural gift provided by the Brazilian bumbum. My dedication to this endevour has culminated with the idea of defining the characteristics we attribute to a nice woman's butt. After I write my dissertation on this juicy topic, I'd like you to welcome you in presenting your opinion while skipping your heartbeats and feeding your eyes with dramatic photos of the best female rear ends on the globe. Somehow, you will help me arrive to the winner.

First things first. What do we, as men, consider a nice shaped female butt?

Think about the properties you attached to what you consider a nice woman's behind.

While you're pondering on this answer, I will give the final touches to my dissertation.


Ok, Here I go. The above picture represent a perfect woman's gluteus maximus. Her name is Vanessa Guerrao, a Brazilian icon. Analyzing the picture we can see certain attributes that make for a juicy bumbum: size, lift, small waist complement, softness, firmness, and roundness (no muscular rears allowed here). Of course, the beauty of Vanessa is an extra bonus.
I will use a scale of 1 to 3 for each category, and I will assign grades of below average, average, and above average based on the ratings. If you just want to enjoy the pictures, leave this headache to me and scroll down. Have fun!

Taking those aforementioned characteristics into account, we should be able to choose the best Brazilian butts in the optical market. With this in mind, prepare yourself for a great experience as we explore the best Brazilian bumbums on earth.


27-year old Elisiane Benites was photographed in Alphaville, Sao Paulo.

She lives between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, her native town.

Elisiane can easily become any man's fantasy with such a small waist, and well rounded butt.

Comparison to other Brazilian Bumbums

  • Average butt size : 2 pts
  • Above average butt lift: 3 pts
  • Above average small waist: 3 pts
  • Above average softness: 3 pts
  • Below average butt firmness: 1 pts
  • Above average roundness: 3 pts
Total for Elisiane Benites: 15 points

•23-year old Fernanda was photographed in Tatui, Sao Paulo.

•Fernanda lives by herself in Porto Alegre, and study in the field of Publicity and Marketing, which is her number one priority.

Average Butt Size: 2 pts

Average small waist: 2 pts

Above average softness: 3 pts

Average Firmness: 2 pts

Average Roundness: 2 pts
Average Butt lift: 2 pts

Total points for Fernanda Schonardie: 13 pts

Fernanda's bumbum seems firmer...

...but Elisiane has the smaller waist.

Deyse Schwindenn

•The 22-year old model did not have enough competition in winning the Dakota Elite Model Look in Florianapolis, Brazil. She’s currently the Dakota Firm number one model.

Below average butt size: 1 pt

Above average butt lift: 3 pts

Above average small waist: 3pts

Above average butt softness: 3 pts

Below average butt firmness: 1 pt

Above average butt roundness: 3 pts

Total points for Deyse: 14 points


23-year old Amanda Francoso is a TV Host in Brazil. In few years, she has become a TV icon in Brazil.


Below Average Butt Size: 1 pt
Average Butt Lift: 2 pts
Above Average Small Waist: 3 pts
Above Average softness: 3 pts
Average firmness: 2 pts
Average roundness: 2 pts
Total Points for Amanda Francoso: 13 pts


•Above average butt size: 3 points
•Above average butt lift: 3 pts
•Average small waist: 2 pts
•Average butt softness: 2 pts
•Above average firmness: 3 pts
•Above average roundness: 3 pts

Total points for Claudiane: 16 points

Silmara Miranda

26-year old Silmara is a famous Brazilian dancer. She enjoys working out and it shows...

Silmara's Bumbum stats...

Above average butt size: 3 pts

Above average butt lift: 3 pts

Average small waist: 2 pts

Average butt softness: 2 pts

Above average butt firmness: 3 pts

Above average butt roundness: 3 pts

Total points for Silmara: 16 pts